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What a wonderful website!

Hi Tania,
I've just been browsing your website at the end of the working day! Some very impressive work there!
Best wishes,
Harry Howe

Hi Tania

Your paintings are amazing, Melody


I really love your paintings, and would like to congratulate you for your website. I like all of them, but specially like the Forest, Definitely Winter 2, and Mystery Reflections.
Tania Castro

The range of your paintings

I've always loved seeing the paintings you have put up in your home. Now I've been able to see the marvellous range of all the other ones. Their colours and drama are captivating. Heartiest congratulations.

Dear Tania,
Your paintings have given us so much pleasure in our home. They have been hugely admired by visitors too, who, like us, love the vibrancy of colours and depth of feeling that the paintings invoke. They look wonderful!